Helen M. Stevens


 Textile Artist

Member of the Society of Women Artists 


Helen, together with Vivebooks, has created a great range of YOUTUBE videos demonstrating various of her fascinating, unique techniques.  Don't forget, if these inspire you to have a try yourself, you can buy a selection of beautiful designs, and an E-book with even more video, from Vivebooks direct.


One of Helen's own inventions, this stitch can be used to create delicate effects, such as the cellular pattern of a dragonfly's wing... Two great Youtube videos show the technique in detail.

Watch them now ...

honeycomb stitch 1

honeycomb stitch 2


Surface couching is one of the most ancient embroidery stitches and was used over a thousand years ago in Angle Saxon times.  Here, Helen demonstrates how you can incorporate it into your contemporary work.

surface couching


To create this beautiful "chequerboard" effect, which can be used in many different ways in your contemporary work, the technique of needleweaving - an ancient skill - is given the "Helen M. Stevens" treatment!



One of nature's miracles, a spider's web is as delicate and complex as it looks ... but here Helen explains that it is not as difficult to capture in embroidery as it looks!

spider's web


No spider's web is complete without it's very own spider!  Here, Helen explains how to crate the little fellows, with the "ahhh!", rather than the "urgh!" factor, guaranteed!